OWIS Language Programme

Mandarin Programmes Open Doors for Students of All Ages

Learning Mandarin as a second language at OWIS places our students on the path to success in our increasingly global economy. As one of the top private schools Singapore has to offer, instruction in Mandarin includes more than the ability to speak the language. Authentic language instruction inspires students to communicate effectively and fosters an appreciation of the culture.

Oral Communication Skills

Listening and speaking in our native tongues begins at birth and therefore we capitalise on the natural language acquisition skills of our students while young. Children Early Childhood and the Primary Years Programme practise listening and speaking skills through dynamic activities such as songs, rhymes, games, storytelling and rhymes. Students are encouraged throughout their years at OWIS to develop the attributes of the IB Learner Profile through foreign language acquisition, learning to be risk takers to build confidence as they build their oral communication skills in Mandarin.

Reading and Writing Skills

Reading and writing skills in Mandarin grow as primary school children begin to transition from focusing on oral communication skills to developing reading and writing skills. As students enter the secondary IGCSE programme, they are well-prepared to enhance their skills through comprehensive application of the Mandarin language. Our older students spend equal time improving listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Mandarin appropriate for their level of learning.

Cultural Understanding and Awareness

We believe in encouraging students to participate in a wide variety of cultural and linguistic events. Children are naturally curious about the world around them, so developing an appreciation of the Chinese culture is a vital component of our Mandarin programme. We aim to provide students with age-appropriate learning engagements to use Mandarin in practical, real-life situations.

Community Connections

Singapore is the home to numerous ethnic groups, with Chinese being the largest. Living in Singapore, knowledge of the Mandarin language will help students forge lasting connections with the community. Our students participate in cultural festivals and events throughout the year, including the Chinese New Year Assembly and International Day, which bring people together.

At OWIS, our Mandarin programme aims to equip our students with the language tools they need for an increasingly global economy; to become truly internationally-minded global citizens of the future.

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