Arts Programme

Art enriches a child's world, and at One World International School, our arts programme blends elements of visual, creative and performance art to give your child a well-rounded and sophisticated approach to our exciting curriculum.

Art Appreciation

Children learn the expressive components of various artworks and gain an understanding of the elements used, such as line, texture, colour, shape, space and value, and how these elements combine to impact the work as a whole. They learn about the different art movements, styles and artists throughout the ages and are able to use this knowledge to intelligently discuss paintings, sculptures, sketches and more. Students at OWIS learn how to read art and how to translate its meaning into words.

Art appreciation at OWIS encourages children to problem-solve and to think creatively, while expanding their knowledge of how art impacts the world around them. Through observation, discussion, research and experimentation, students learn the fascinating history of this subject and gain an understanding of how it influences their lives.

Design Technology

Art at OWIS is never dull, as children are encouraged to explore and to push the boundaries of their knowledge. Through experimentation with various media, including digital art, wet and dry materials, and 3D sculptures, students learn the characteristics of each and how to manipulate them to create a work that's visually stunning. In doing so, children learn the practical skills of teamwork, collaboration and perseverance while having fun unleashing their inner creative personality.

Art Application

Intermittently, children are encouraged to participate in art weeks and in annual art exhibitions, which showcase both visual and performance art. This gives students the opportunity to share and to discuss their creations with other students, teachers, parents and the community. Children benefit from experiencing and examining the artwork of their peers and by gaining feedback on their own creations.

At OWIS, the focus on art is the many ways in which it impacts the student's world. From studying the ancient works of art history's rich past, to using state-of-the-art technology to explore and to create new works of their own, children are encouraged to immerse themselves in the many beneficial features of this exciting curriculum and to speak intelligently to the design, style and techniques of any piece of art they're fortunate enough to encounter.

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