A well-rounded education -- one that excites students, encourages their passions and takes them well beyond the basics of reading and writing -- is a strong first step in building character. When children have time to role-play, create, sing, and stretch their imaginations, they learn self-esteem, courage and the importance of teamwork.

At OWIS, we encourage students to explore their inner creative genius through classes such as artS, music, language and sports.



ArtsThe Art class at OWIS is so much more than simply picking up a paint brush and touching it to a canvas. Students enrolled in art explore a full range of opportunities, including drama, visual arts and how to leverage the key elements of design, including line, texture, perspective, color, tone, shape, form and pattern. They're encouraged to create their own personal masterpiece, to lose themselves in dramatic role-play, and to experiment with new and previously unexplored media. Our Art class teaches children from early education up through middle school that it is important to embrace your authentic self.

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MusicOWIS offers a comprehensive music curriculum that immerses students in the finer points of both making and enjoying music. Featuring weekly instruction provided by highly trained instructors, the Music class at OWIS begins students on a learning journey through the elements of music and carries them on through the mastery of playing their own instrument or instruments.

Students may learn guitar, keyboard or percussion, or they may choose from a range of brass instruments and play as part of a larger brass band.


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Language ProgrammeMastering a foreign language is an essential part of competing in today's global marketplace. One World International School focuses on Mandarin to meet this most-important foreign language requirement. At OWIS, students go beyond simply learning the mechanics of Mandarin; they also learn how to use it fluently through oral debates, written essays, daily conversations and more. Students who learn Mandarin at OWIS are well prepared to meet the levels of efficiency through mastery on the Youth Chinese Test, or YCT.




One World International School offers a well-rounded sports curriculum that teaches students the basics of simple movements up through the psychology of sports. Along the way, students learn the rules and techniques of various games such as those that utilise balls, nets, sticks and movement composition. At OWIS, we like to work hard and play harder.





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