Outdoor Learning

At the One World International School, we know that different students respond to different teaching methods. In light of this fact, we are proud to extend learning opportunities far beyond the confines of the classroom.

By taking students into the outdoor environment, OWIS furthers educational opportunities for students of all levels while positioning the world-at-large as the ultimate classroom – a classroom in which the learning never stops!

The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

The campus grounds that encompass OWIS Nanyang hold many lessons that are guaranteed to engage, challenge, and inspire children in new and exciting ways. Specific benefits of our nature classrooms include…

  • Hands-On Learning – Research has shown that the best way to learn is by doing. At OWIS, we aren’t afraid to let our students get their hands dirty in the name of exploration and education.
  • Stress Relief – The sensory relaxation engendered by a trip outside cannot be underestimated. OWIS promotes peace and serenity throughout our campus by incorporating nature’s colors and design into our interior spaces.
  • An Element of Fun – When it comes to early childhood learning in particular, play is absolutely essential to the educational process. OWIS’s outdoor classrooms inspire lifelong learning by making education fun!

Our Nature Classrooms

Sitting on more than 32,000 square meters of beautiful green grounds, OWIS Nanyang stresses the innumerable lessons that the natural world has to teach us. That’s why our campus boasts multiple nature classrooms that are specifically designed let the natural curiosity of each student lead the way to discovery and knowledge.


Miniature Forest

A “living library” of native rainforest plants that invites children to recognise the value of the natural world in their lives.

Hands-On Farm

A fertile tract of land with all the amenities for OWIS students grow their own food from planning to harvest.

Berms and Sandpit

Featuring green grass, sand, and hills, the OWIS Berms and Sandpit provide ample areas to climb, slide, tumble and delight.

Sensory Garden

A place for students to wander and explore a range of fragrant flowers as well as wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

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The Importance of Environmental Stewardship

The future of the human race is intrinsically and inextricably tied to the planet on which it lives. OWIS supports a holistic approach to learning that instills a respect and appreciation for the natural world that turns today’s students into lifelong learners and exceptional stewards of the global environment.