To succeed in today's global marketplace, students need to step outside the familiarity of their own culture and experience the world in the context of diverse perspectives. Besides equipping children with the academic knowledge that prepares them to pursue meaningful careers, the school environment should foster an appreciation of different ethnicities, races, and religions. At OWIS, we believe there is a direct relationship between a multicultural framework and student success.

owis students from different countries

A Diverse Classroom Offers Far-Reaching Benefits

Researchers from Teachers College Columbia report that, "diversity makes us smarter," noting that exposure to different backgrounds challenges children to cultivate their critical-thinking and problem-solving capabilities, skills that benefit them far beyond the classroom for years to come. As part of the Global Schools Foundation, we strive to support an atmosphere of diversity that teaches students to honour different cultures as well as their own.

A classroom that values diversity provides a safe environment where students can explore novel ideas and different cultures first-hand, rather than learning about them from a textbook or dismissing them altogether. This authentic setting gives students the ability to interact with people who share different customs and social expectations-- a skill increasingly sought after by employers-- and sets them up to become well-rounded, responsible leaders who can adapt to a constantly-evolving worldview.

owis students from different countries

How OWIS Embraces Diversity

Understanding that all children, regardless of background, benefit from being immersed in a diverse environment, we model appreciation for cultural differences in every aspect of what we do-- from recruiting a diverse faculty and staff to structuring admissions to ensure that a variety of nationalities are equitably represented in our student body. Our educators come from several different countries, have attended leading institutions around the world, and have traveled extensively. Their cross-cultural experiences allow them to naturally embrace diversity in the classroom, preparing lesson plans that reflect their comprehensive experience about the world and celebrate each student's heritage and unique contributions to the school community.


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To consistently promote diversity, we have a nationality cap on enrolment. No more than 30 percent of admitted students represent a single nationality. Applicants to our Nanyang campus come from more than 40 nationalities, spanning six continents. Creating a vibrant community focused on building cross-cultural relationships, OWIS encourages students to be open-minded, lifelong learners who are well-prepared to navigate the challenges-- and appreciate the myriad advantages-- of living and working in a global society.

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