As a school we strive to keep you informed and we value good quality communication. Communication is a three-way process and we work in partnership with our parents and students.

Community Portal

We have a secure community portal for all parents. This is where we share weekly updates from our School Principal as well as weekly updates from class teachers via class specific pages.


We use a digital portfolio for sharing each individual students' learning with parents via videos and photographs. Your child's class teacher will share a unique code and password for you to view their Seesaw updates.

Primary class teachers are always available in the hall at 8.25am in the morning and at the end of the day for exchange of messages or to make an appointment for further discussion.

For Secondary school students, the student diary is the main day to day form of communication. The student uses it to record homework and other relevant information. Parents and teachers have access to this information and can also use the diary for routine messages. The diary is checked and signed by the form teacher on Fridays and by parents over the weekend.

Teachers also communicate with parents by email.