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East Coast Campus

If you’re looking for an Early Childhood education programme to jump-start your child’s lifelong love of learning, you’ve come to the right place. 

One World International School, the fastest-growing international school in Singapore is now accepting applications for classes starting in January 2020, at its new East Coast campus in Singapore. 

Our Early Years Programme, underpinned with the English National Curriculum and based on an inquiry led, play-based learning approach, is specifically tailored for children 3 to 6 years of age.



Welcome to our Open House

Come to our open house on Saturdays at 10 am to meet the academic leadership team and learn more about our widely acclaimed programme. 

Our scheduled speakers include the Head of School, Michelle Dickinson; Admissions and Communications Director, Jasween Gill; and Early Childhood Senior Coordinator, Luna Deller. 

Why choose OWIS? 

student in classroom activity

Performing Arts from an early age

Our Early Childhood programme emphasises an active participation in Music and Movement, where students will have the opportunity to be engaged and participate in specialised music and dance lessons as well as facilitated role play and drama. 

They will also have access to OWIS Nanyang’s Performing Arts facilities for stage performances on a regular basis. 



Our students come from over 70 nationalities. In this diverse community, students develop cultural awareness from a very young age. Our school’s rich diversity provides a globally-minded perspective and cultivates inclusion. Your child will learn to appreciate other perspectives and use them to gain knowledge and creatively solve problems.

They will grow to be multicultural citizens of the future. 


An Innovative Inquiry-Led, Play-Based Approach to Learning

We are an inquiry-led, play-based learning environment amidst a vibrant new campus located in eastern Singapore. 

Our dynamic indoor and outdoor play spaces are specifically designed and built for young children to be creative and active throughout the day.

Our indoor “small-world” play area makes your child feel safe and welcome. It gives them a sense of belonging. 

We adopt an innovative design of “free-flow” of students in learning spaces which allows them to be curious and explore the world around them. 

Our play-based learning programme develops hand-eye coordination, motor skills and builds strong bodies. 


Kindness-driven, Personalised Learning

At all our OWIS campuses, students receive individualised learning as they discover personal interests and pursue unique paths of inquiry.

We emphasise a kindness-driven learning place, where we teach our children to be compassionate, empathetic, tolerant and humble. 

Our students grow into well-rounded 21-century citizens prepared to lead a world where acceptance is key to establishing a healthy and productive global-view.  

Your child will acquire real-life social skills as they learn from role-playing games. We provide a safe place where, through self-esteem and confidence, they learn to take measured risks to reach their full potential. 


High-Quality, Equitable Education at a Moderate Fee

We are a whole-child educational programme, offering dedicated physical education, music and arts programmes. We offer a full-day programme from 9 am to 3:30 pm. 

We believe that every child should have equitable access to a high-quality education. Our dedicated and strategically located Early Childhood facility in the East Coast provides your child with our innovative Early Childhood programme at a mindful investment. 


We also conduct open house on Saturdays which you can register here.

Come and talk with our passionate team about our innovative curriculum of self-driven learning, and reserve your spot for this exciting new opportunity.

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Hear from OWIS' Early Childhood Parent:


Each day we hear stories from our children about the fun adventures and learning that they experience at OWIS. The school encourages the children to explore the world around them and ask questions -- a key base for a lifelong love of learning.

All of our children have bloomed -- becoming more confident and independent. They are all excited about learning. My oldest (EC3) is so proud that she's learning how to read and has made some wonderful friends at school. My twins (EC1) have thrived under the truly amazing care provided by Miss Nural and Miss Norah and become more confident and willing to try new things. Miss Nural is the best teacher I've encountered -- the level of care and dedication displayed by Miss Nural and other staff is second to none.”

 - Mrs. Charity Delich

What Our OWIS Singapore Families Are Saying

All our 5 children are now attending OWIS Singapore since January 2018. 

I would recommend the school to other families who are looking for innovative teaching methods and the use of technology, and mindfully integrating learning with the gadget-driven world of today. 

Mr. & Mrs. william richardson

hisato yuto
We have two boys. Taiju is 9 years old attending Grade 4 and Keiju is 6 years old attending Grade 1. 


Taiju comes back from school everyday saying, "School was super fun again today!"

MR. & MRS Hisato yuto

Being in Singapore, which is so multi-racial and multi-cultural, we wanted our children to be exposed to an environment with racial diversity with an international outlook. OWIS has lived up to all our expectations! 

Mr. Piyush gupta

Our daughters (aged 5 and 7) have been enrolled at OWIS for 10 months, having moved to Singapore from Japan. Both our girls are very fond of their teachers and are always keen to go to school each day. We have seen significant improvements from their time with the school, especially in terms of reading and writing. Further, we have noted that the teachers take time to get to know each student at an individual level; putting significant effort into building the children’s social skills, and encouraging them to solve problems on their own.

edward and Asuka Clease

Chanya was 6 years old when she enrolled grade 1 during the academic year in October 2016. She was previously in a Thai school and we realized that her English language ability would obstruct her school daily life. As a new student, both to the school and in language communication, I was so worried for her. But after starting at the One World International School, my daughter had settled down very well after the first few weeks. The English as an Additional Language program (EAL) offering one-on-one has helped her to catch up quickly with her social life and normal classes.We have been very delighted being a part of the “One World” community.

Mrs.On-usah Chiengkul, Mother of Chanya Chiengkul (Grade 1A)

Being in One World International School has provided such a positive experience for my son and our family. As an expat child, it is unfortunately easy to feel like you don't belong. This is not the case with OWIS. The OWIS family embraced us with open arms and my son immediately felt included. I remember the first thing my son told me when he started with OWIS. He said, "I feel like I have been going to this school for a long time! I love it here!" He is excited to go to school every day ever since!

Sophie K, Parent of a 4th Grader