At One World International School, we offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) for students aged 3 - 11. The IB PYP at OWIS is underpinned by the English National Curriculum to implement age appropriate learning outcomes.

What is the IB PYP ?

The IB PYP is an engaging, student-centred curriculum that teaches children to become independent, lifelong learners and critical thinkers. Its transdisciplinary framework allows students to explore various topics across subject areas, rather than merely memorising facts or studying topics in isolation. This makes it possible for students to expand their skills and knowledge and apply them in real-world contexts.

The IB Primary Years Programme supports the whole child, nurturing students' academic, social and emotional development. This all-encompassing framework also focuses on international-mindedness and universal values, key characteristics of dynamic citizens and leaders.

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The IB PYP consists of 5 crucial elements that students need for lifelong learning and success:


By emphasising these 5 components, the PYP provides a rigorous programme for young learners, equipping them to excel in the classroom and beyond. This framework ensures that learning is engaging and relevant to the challenges of living in a diverse, 21st-century society.

The IB PYP framework offers several advantages over other frameworks, especially in critical subject areas. According to an International Schools' Assessment study conducted from 2009-2011, IB PYP students outperformed their non-PYP counterparts in reading, writing and mathematics. In a 2014 Australian study, PYP students surpassed the national average in nationwide science tests.

IB PYP Curriculum

OWIS' IB Primary Years Programme provides a host of opportunities to help students become well-rounded leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Here are just a few examples of how we put the PYP into practice:

Service projects

Service projects encourage children to get involved in the surrounding community, where they learn the value of serving others and making a difference.


Exhibitions and other special events foster teamwork and communication whilst enabling students to showcase their skills and talents.

Environment stewardship

Students learn to be responsible stewards of the environment by participating in initiatives aimed at conserving precious natural resources.

Technology mastery

Students complete research and other projects using iPads, laptops and other devices. This teaches them not only to use technology responsibly but to become more adaptable as it continues to evolve.


Organised sports, class discussions and other collaborative activities help students appreciate different roles and perspectives, instilling in them a sense of respect for themselves and others.


Teachers take students' interests into account when planning the curriculum, empowering them to ask questions and take initiative to discover the answers.

Inquiry-based approach

Students explore topics across different subject areas. For example, a unit on sharing the planet might include science lessons on natural resources, social science lessons on communities and interdependence and mathematics lessons on calculating population growth.

IB PYP: Inquiry Led Framework

The PYP framework empowers students to take ownership of their learning through inquiry. This comprehensive approach also provides opportunities for teachers to collaborate so that they can hone their craft by staying current on best practices and innovative methods and learning new, creative ways to incorporate them into their classrooms. Our dynamic campus, with its flexible learning spaces and cutting-edge facilities, provides an ideal setting to implement the IB PYP. The IB PYP prepares children for subsequent secondary programmes and lays the foundation for students to become global citizens and leaders.

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Hear from OWIS Parents

Christina O.

Mother of Samuel, Alyssa and Jacob


A big consideration for our family was the size of the school. I prefer a moderately-sized school, compared to one with over three thousand students, which does not feel personable enough.

Christina O.

Mother of Samuel, Alyssa and Jacob

OWIS Learning Programmes

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Learn more about our Primary Years Programme

If you would like to see the OWIS Primary Years Programme in action, contact us to book a tour. You will be able to meet with our teachers and discover how our holistic approach sets the stage for your child to thrive. We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant OWIS community.