What is your school's policy on homework? At what age do students start to have homework and what is the frequency?

Children should not view anything to do with their own learning as being work. Therefore we avoid the term ‘homework’ and refer to it as ‘learning at home’. We try to encourage children to enjoy their own learning so much that they want to share their learning with their parents at home. There is no research or evidence to suggest that enforced or compulsory homework has any positive impact on academic success for young learners. Rather we believe in providing opportunities for learning at home that encourage discipline, self management and enable students to share their learning with their parents. In young learners, learning at home should be a pleasurable experience and not a battle ground, particularly when it doesn’t positively impact academic success.

Our students in Early Childhood and up to Grade 1 are encouraged to read regularly with their parents or carers to develop a love of reading and books as a core skill that underpins our curriculum.

In Primary school, we have project based learning which extends and deepens conceptual understandings from the UOI at school. These projects are process driven rather than focused on the end product and are scaffolded according to the grade. These projects incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) to embrace the transdisciplinary skills and knowledge within the curriculum.

In Secondary, we introduce a more disciplined approach to learning at home. With subject specific projects to deepen and extend the skills and knowledge taught at school.

Students receive regular feedback on all learning at home.

OWIS also recognises that learning is continuous and may come from outside provision such as ballet classes, sports clubs, music tuition and additional languages which we know are important to a child’s overall development.

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How can parents encourage their children to complete homework tasks without it becoming a battle?

Learning at home should never be a battle and if it is, we would question the values of that learning at home. At OWIS, the learning at home is fun, engaging and embedded in real life experience through directed play.


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