Vibrant Campus

Step onto our Nanyang campus, and you will find yourself surrounded by 32,000 square meters of innovative learning facilities and inviting outdoor spaces.

Our building features 21st-century classrooms that empower students to expand their horizons beyond what they may have thought was possible. Outdoor learning centres supplement what's happening in the classroom, giving students hands-on experience to enhance their concept development.

Dynamic In-Classroom Experience

When you enter our classrooms and our cutting-edge library, you will understand why our students are so excited about learning.

Moderate class sizes in extensive and flexible classrooms layouts foster exploration, communication and collaboration. You will see students moving around energetically as they transition from one activity to the next. They may start the day with a lively group discussion, then pull out their iPads for a research project. They may end the day by creating a video about a subject that has just come to life for them. Teachers incorporate students' interests into the curriculum to make their learning as meaningful as possible. We recognise children's individual accomplishments, too, reinforcing the sense that they are unique, highly valued members of our school community.

Depending on when you drop in, you may be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at our extracurricular programme. You may find students trying their hands at mural painting, cooking or critiquing movies. Clubs and other activities provide opportunities for children to connect with teachers and peers in a way that's more laid-back than the typical classroom.

As parents, you play a critical role in promoting your child's education. We encourage you to visit when classes are in session to see our one-of-a-kind approach in action. Our Singapore international school campus is a place where families can learn and grow.

Hidden Gems of the Outer Walls of the Classroom

Outdoor learning is an essential part of our well-rounded approach.

Take time to explore the grounds of our vibrant OWIS campus. Walk through our sensory garden and miniature forest, where our primary students regularly engage with nature. You may notice our younger students running and tumbling along the berms and sandpit. All these activities give our children an appreciation for our unique environment. They learn the importance of responsible stewardship and sustainability. Like our students, you will likely experience a sense of peace and well-being as you take in the natural surroundings.

Take a look at our sports facilities, complete with a basketball courts, fields, running tracks and indoor halls. Here, children hone their athletic abilities while learning the value of teamwork. Sports foster the competitive spirit that lays the foundation for leadership and entrepreneurship later on.

Our outdoor spaces are an important aspect of student campus life. They're a natural extension of the conventional classroom, where we encourage students to apply their learning in a greater variety of real-world contexts. Through exploration and inquiry, our students begin to make connections between the school and the larger community.

My child really loves learning about other cultures and traditions from around the world. OWIS has such diversity, leading to many great learning opportunities for the students. My daughter has come to appreciate differences and respect others, while being proud of her own heritage.

Madison C.
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