Cultural Diversity

In a world that is shrinking, flattening and blending cultures together in new ways, Singapore's diverse students need to embrace varied perspectives and experiences in order to succeed.

At One World International School (OWIS) we believe that a diverse environment builds resilient, empathetic and competent leaders for the future. In today's world, diversity encompasses more than race.  It also refers to ability, gender, class and religion.

Studies show that learning in culturally diverse classes equips students with many advantages, including the academic knowledge that leads to career success and the empathy that fosters meaningful interpersonal relationships.

Benefits of a Diverse Education

At One World International School in Singapore, we believe that there is beauty in diversity. We pride ourselves on being a multicultural school that promotes kindness and tolerance. We encourage our students to keep an open mind, and we remind them that they are part of an interconnected, global community.

There are many benefits associated with being a part of a diverse school community, including:

It provides students with an opportunity to see themselves in the world around them and know that they can accomplish great things in a global world.

Providing students with an opportunity to see others and understand their experiences. They learn how to build relationships with people who are both similar to and different from themselves.

Providing students with exposure to different backgrounds and ways of life allows them to consider others' perspectives when resolving an issue or proposing an idea.

Being in Singapore, which is so multi-racial and multicultural, we wanted our children to be exposed to an environment with racial diversity and an international outlook. OWIS has lived up to all our expectations!

Piyush G.

OWIS offers us a good international environment! Students can learn just from studying together with their international classmates. My children love their school life! Their English skills have improved, they have made good friends and they are much better at using the internet to do their research. 

Sanae O.

The school is diverse and finds ways to celebrate it. The teachers and staff walk the talk, and in return, the kids learn directly how to be kind and mindful.

Katrina H.

How OWIS Embraces Diversity

What does OWIS as a school do to promote cultural diversity?

As an institution, we model appreciation for cultural differences in every aspect of what we do.  Our faculty and staff come from many different countries, hold degrees from leading global institutions and have travelled extensively.  Their international heritage naturally emerges in the classroom as they teach lessons and interact with students.

We also structured our admissions policy to ensure that our student body equitably represents a variety of nationalities. To ensure comprehensive diversity, OWIS has a 30 per cent student nationality cap, which means no more than 30 per cent of admitted students may come from a single nationality.  Consequently, applicants to our Nanyang campus come from more than 70 nationalities, spanning six continents.

OWIS students huddling together
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