Cultural Diversity

In a world that is shrinking, flattening and blending cultures together in new ways, Singapore's diverse students need to embrace varied perspectives and experiences in order to succeed.

At One World International School (OWIS) we believe that a diverse environment builds resilient, empathetic and competent leaders for the future. In today's world, diversity encompasses more than race.  It also refers to ability, gender, class and religion.  


Studies show that learning in culturally diverse classes equips students with many advantages, including the academic knowledge that leads to career success and the empathy that fosters meaningful interpersonal relationships.

Benefits of a Diverse Education

Diversity in Singapore's schools varies widely. Researchers from Teachers College Columbia in New York reported that "diversity makes us smarter".  It also makes us more internationally minded.  At OWIS, that means being kind, open-minded and tolerant of diverse points of view.  It also serves as an educational framework in which students see themselves as part of a global community, and as such, responsible for each other's welfare.

Students benefit from interacting with a diverse peer group because they learn how to build relationships across backgrounds.  A culture of learning gives students windows to the world through which they can observe others as fundamentally human yet different from themselves.  It also provides mirrors in which children can see their own cultures, values and abilities reflected accurately and clearly.

Emphasising diversity in education gives OWIS students a chance to see the strong points of their own cultures and take pride in who they are while simultaneously appreciating the differences in the people around them.

By exposing learners to different backgrounds and challenges, our school allows children to cultivate their critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.  Contemporary employers place a high value on these skills, and successful leaders of the future must know how to use them. Diverse experiences help children learn to guard against assumptions, identify positive traits and merge the best components in multiple viewpoints - all elements of successful problem-solving skills.

How OWIS Embraces Diversity

What does OWIS as a school do to promote cultural diversity?

As an institution, we model appreciation for cultural differences in every aspect of what we do.  Our faculty and staff come from many different countries, hold degrees from leading global institutions and have travelled extensively.  Their international heritage naturally emerges in the classroom as they teach lessons and interact with students.

We also structured our admissions policy to ensure that our student body equitably represents a variety of nationalities.  To ensure comprehensive diversity, OWIS has a 30 percent student nationality cap, which means no more than 30 percent of admitted students may come from a single nationality.  Consequently, applicants to our Nanyang campus come from more than 70 nationalities, spanning six continents.

OWIS students huddling together
Happy students at OWIS

We believe that cultural diversity and international mindedness should constitute integral parts of our school's values, and we know it's important to recognise the cultures and backgrounds of all families. That's why we implement a curriculum that will prepare open-minded, lifelong learners to navigate the challenges - and appreciate the advantages - of living and working in a global society for the future.

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