All You Need to Know About the OWIS Mountbatten Campus

Sherry Albergaria
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March 25, 2021

The One World International School Mountbatten Campus is a purpose-built facility created specifically for young learners. It is uniquely designed to meet the needs of early childhood students from three to six years old.

There are many benefits to selecting the OWIS Mountbatten Campus for your preschooler. Your child will be in an intimate setting that features smaller class sizes, and they will have many opportunities to interact with the environment around them. In a safe, secure and fun environment, your child will learn to be confident as they discover how to socialise with other children their age.

The OWIS Mountbatten Campus is located in the heart of Singapore, near the Central Business District. This makes it a convenient and accessible option, allowing you to be in close proximity to your child's school while you are working. 

These are a few more reasons why you should have your child begin their educational journey at this innovative campus:

Dynamic, Free-flow Classrooms

Early childhood classrooms should be a safe and engaging place for young learners to explore. At our Mountbatten Campus, we feature an open classroom plan that allows students to go in and out of the learning spaces. They have access to a centralised play area where they can select toys and other items they want to use. Your child will have freedom and independence as they design their own learning experience.

Your Child Will Benefit from a Holistic Education

Students at OWIS Mountbatten enjoy play-based learning

At OWIS, we are proud to offer our students a holistic education. In addition to the core curriculum, your child will be taught by specialised teachers with expertise in Physical education, Art, Music and Mandarin. These specialised courses are taught in dedicated classroom areas.

We Offer a Personalised Learning Experience for Each Child

At the Mountbatten Campus, we have small class sizes which allow your child to benefit from one-on-one attention from their teacher. Our experienced and dedicated educators work tirelessly to personalise each student’s learning experience, allowing them to enjoy activities and opportunities that suit their interests and strengths.

Our Early Childhood Programme Features a Kindness-Driven, Inquiry-Led Curriculum

The English National Curriculum learning objectives underpin our Early Childhood curriculum programme. While we believe it is essential to provide our youngest learners with a strong academic foundation that will carry them through their entire educational experience, we also believe that early childhood students need to understand the importance of kindness. Our kindness-driven, inquiry-led curriculum will teach your child the importance of being a good person.

Your Child Will Have Access to a Dedicated Library Area

One of the features that can be particularly difficult to find in a preschool or early childhood school is a dedicated library. At our Mountbatten Campus, our youngest learners can learn to love reading in a cozy space with plenty of age-appropriate books on the shelves. In our reading nook, children can rest on bean bags while they flip the pages of a new book. The library area is regularly redecorated by the teachers to reflect the current theme or unit that is being studied.

Not All Learning Takes Place in the Classroom

While our classrooms are inviting, welcoming and interactive spaces, we firmly believe that our youngest learners need plenty of opportunities outside of the classroom. Your child will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors, learning more about plant and animal life. Also, your child will enjoy many field trips to the Nanyang campus to enjoy its state-of-the-art amenities.

Your Child Will Participate in School and Community Events

Throughout the year, early childhood students will be able to take part in several school and community events, including:

  • International Day — A day dedicated to celebrating the many cultures and backgrounds we have in our school community.

  • Science Day — A day dedicated to hands-on science activities, with different science learning stations on weight, volume, measurements and more.

The first years that your child spends in school will significantly impact their outlook toward learning and their ability to succeed throughout their entire academic career. It is crucial to select an early childhood programme that gives your child plenty of time to play and explore while being guided by an established curriculum.

When you send your child to the OWIS Mountbatten Campus, you will find that the transition to primary school is seamless. This school feeds into the OWIS Nanyang Campus, where your child can continue their well-rounded education in a kindness-driven environment.

For more information about the OWIS Mountbatten Campus, contact us today to schedule a virtual tour.

(All OWIS photographs in this blog article were taken pre-Covid. The school is adhering to hygiene protocols and social distancing measures as recommended by the CPE and Ministry of Health, Singapore.)

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