10-Point Checklist to Make Moving to Singapore Seamless

Jasween Gill
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August 16, 2020

If you are considering making a move to Singapore shortly, it is likely to be an exciting milestone for you and your family, but any relocation will be challenging in its own way. This is particularly true when you are moving to Singapore with children. In addition to coordinating the logistics of the move to Singapore, you also will want to be mindful of your children's physical and emotional needs throughout the entire transition.

At OWIS, we have compiled a quick checklist that you can use to make your move to Singapore with children seamless:

1. Keep your children informed about the relocation. You will want to make sure they know important dates, such as their last day of school in their home country or the day that you will be moving to Singapore. This will help them prepare mentally for their departure.

2. Select a school for your children. You should also involve your children in this process by giving them information about the schools you are considering. Tell your children about the activities that will be available, and the amenities that are on campus. Once you have arrived in Singapore, let them tour the schools you are considering before you make your final selection.

3. Plan ahead as far in advance as possible. You will need to take care of the logistics of leaving your home country, such as preparing your home for the move, deciding on what to ship and what to leave behind, arranging your financial accounts and finalising the last school assignments for your children. Try to keep your kids involved, and let them help you pack, plan and prepare.

4. Wrap up school in your home country. As soon as you know that you will be moving to Singapore with children, inform the teachers at your current school. Talk with the teacher about what topics your children have currently been working on, and ask them to provide assessments or reports that can be given to their new school in Singapore.

5. Plan a goodbye party. Your children will need closure, and a send-off party will be a special opportunity for them to say goodbye to their family members, friends, classmates and even teachers.

6. Make arrangements for the first days in Singapore. This may include coordinating the shipping of your personal items and arranging temporary lodging. Your company may be able to help you with relocation services.

7. Explore housing options. You will need to investigate and research long-term options for housing - it will be a good idea to involve your children in the process. Let them come with you as you check out the neighbourhoods in Singapore, and let them see the apartment or home you are considering before you finalise the arrangements.

8. Live like a tourist when you first arrive. Make your free time in Singapore count by visiting popular attractions and points of interest in the city. This will allow your children to have fond first memories of their time in Singapore.


9. Take the time you need to settle into your new home.
Once you have discovered some of the attractions in Singapore, make an effort to get involved in local community organisations or clubs. This will help you feel connected to the community-at-large.

10. Establish a new routine in Singapore. Your children will be adjusting to a new home, a new city and a new school, so try to create a consistent routine as quickly as possible. Check with the school you have chosen to see if there is a settling-in programme in place and coordinate a communication plan with the administration and teachers to stay informed about your child's progress.

At OWIS, we go to great lengths to ensure that all children feel welcome from their first day of school and we provide our parents with information and resources about relocation. Every new student at OWIS is assigned a buddy and teachers frequently check-in with new students to see how the transition is going. Teachers also welcome new parents and communicate with parents on how their children are settling-in and progressing at school with regular updates.

For more information about moving to Singapore with children, visit the OWIS relocation page today.

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