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OWIS School bus information

At One World International School, we want to provide the best educational experience possible for our students. Toward that end, we strive to help parents and students take some of the stress out of their daily routines. We understand that with busy work schedules and other responsibilities, getting your children to and from school on time can be a challenge. 

Not having to worry about the daily commute can simplify your morning routine so your child can arrive at school well-prepared and ready to learn. It is routine and safe for children as young as 3, in Singapore, to travel independently by school bus.

To assist families with their child's transportation, we liaise with an independent third party transport provider to offer you a school bus service. OWIS has a Transport Liaison Officer who works closely with our transport provider, Goh Transport, to ensure that your child’s transport needs are taken care of efficiently. The bus office of the transport provider is located within OWIS campus for smooth coordination between OWIS and the transport provider.

To make signing up for the school bus service as seamless as possible, we've included our bus registration form below. 

Our transport provider, Goh Transport offers island-wide, door-to-door transport services. It takes approximately 2- 3 weeks for a new bus route to be set up, so please register (or re-register if applicable) online as soon as possible. 


Please fill in your details below.

Please read the School Bus Service Terms & Conditions