Relocating to Singapore

Moving to a fast-paced, world-class city such as Singapore can be an exciting but challenging experience for a family.

Children may find new customs unsettling, and teens often miss friends from their home. The responsibility for turning this potentially stressful situation into a pleasant one often falls on parents.

What every parent needs to know about Singapore School Enrollment

OWIS can help to make the transition a seamless one for your family when it comes to education. We provide a one-stop shop for families moving to Singapore and enrolling their children with us.  Whether you are browsing for a school for next year or are working on a short timeline to get your child enrolled at the last minute, we can quickly help you find the right information and any forms you need.

How to sign up for an international school in Singapore

International families can apply to schools directly by submitting an application form along with the appropriate fees and documents.  Singaporean students need special permission from the Singapore Ministry of Education for exemption from Singapore compulsory education above the age of 6 years old.


Choosing a new school for relocators in Singapore

Selecting a new school for an international student can prove more difficult than it might seem since the city is home to at least 40 international schools.   When choosing a new school, parents need to consider issues such as school curricula, location, fee, after-school programmes as well as the school's values and philosophy.  Each school sets its own policies and standards, so it's important to ask for detailed information when touring a prospective educational setting for your children.


What you need to know for international schools in Singapore

There are more than 40 international schools in Singapore. These schools can be segmented on multiple criteria for example:

Age Group - Preschools, Primary Schools, K8, K10 or K12 schools

Curricula Offered - Nationality focused or International

Fee - Review all fees, many schools have ‘hidden’ costs for example Building levies or Technology fees.

Location - Central, East, West, North

Academic Year Start - January, April, August


School forms for application

Each international school in Singapore creates its own application form and process.  At OWIS, we keep things simple for our families by providing a simple online form for families to complete before sending their application fee or school records.  Families with questions can contact our admissions office for help at any point during the admissions process.


Application services for education in Singapore

Some international families work with overseas educational consultants in Singapore to identify the right school situation for their children.  These services can prove helpful, but ultimately, it is still up to parents to the vet their top choices against their family's unique criteria to determine the best educational setting for their children.

Hear from OWIS Parents

Luna Deller

Senior Co-ordinator


As a linguist myself, I’m aware of the challenges associated with programmes that are superficial and ultimately don’t help children access their learning. This programme is internationally designed to deepen the learning of students and enable them to be fluent in both languages. 

Luna Deller

Senior Co-ordinator

Meet the Admissions Team

Sherry Albergaria

Senior Admissions Executive

Iskra Petrovska

Senior Admissions Executive (East Coast)

Jessamy Herrera

Admissions Executive

Delia Homan

Parent Liaison Officer

Happy family

Relocating to Singapore with a family doesn't have to feel overwhelming.

Getting your children settled in a friendly, supportive school environment can go a long way toward making everyone seem more at home.  Let OWIS help you make the transition easier by contacting our admissions office today.

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