OWIS Admission Fees

At One World International School, we have created a fee structure that allows parents to provide their children with a world-class education that is also moderately priced. On this page, parents will find the fee structure in Singapore dollars for the current academic year. It's important to understand that the fees outlined on this page are based on the current academic year, and are applicable on a per year basis.

Parents are required to pay the annual tuition fees in three separate instalments throughout the year. Tuition fees include two sets of school uniforms, technological devices like iPads, textbooks and academic field trips that are scheduled throughout the year. There may be additional fees required depending on the extra-curricular activities that a student chooses to participate in.

All fees quoted are applicable per academic year (with the exception of the one-time non-refundable Application fee of S$1,030 + 7% local GST. 

Academic Year 2019-20 (Aug 2019 - July 2020)

All fees quoted below are exclusive of the 7% local GST.
Grades Annual Fee
Early Childhood (EC 1 to 3) S$ 17,514
Grades 1 to 6 S$ 17,514
Grades 7 to 10 S$ 20,136
Grades 11 to 12 S$ 20,136

We have strived to create a comprehensive and moderate fee structure that makes OWIS accessible to students from all walks of life. For more information, contact us today.