Academic Year 2019-20

(OWIS Nanyang Campus)

All fees quoted are applicable per academic year (with the exception of the one-time non-refundable Application fee of S$1,030 + 7% local GST. 

All fees are quoted in Singapore dollars.

All fees quoted are exclusive of the 7% local GST.

Grades : Annual Fee
Early Childhood : S$ 17,514
Grades 1 to 6 : S$ 17,514
Grades 7 to 10 : S$ 20,136


Fees are payable in 3 instalments within the academic year.

These fees are inclusive of school uniforms (2 sets), academic field trips, textbooks as applicable and technology / IT equipment. Optional extra charges will be applied for school bus and any extra-curricular activities chosen by the student.


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