Entry Requirements

Enrolment is open to students of all nationalities. The School Principal makes the final decision on admission of students into the school. The school’s policy is to try and ensure a balance in each class of nationality, gender and languages. This provides all students with the maximum opportunity of learning in a rich multi-cultural and co-educational environment with a high standard of spoken English.

Admission is possible at any time of the year.

Once an application form is received, if places are available in the appropriate year group, we will consider your child for a place based on whether we think your child will have a good chance of success and make a positive contribution to relationships in our multi-cultural school community.

We also believe it is important that you, as parents, have chosen our school because of our ethos and what we offer and intend for your child to continue at our school whilst living in Singapore.

To provide evidence of the above, we use school reports and references, information from personal contact and discussion with parents, and on occasions we will ask for your child to come for informal assessment or interview depending on their age.

In particular for prospective students we look for:

- A positive attitude to learning

- Ability to relate positively to other students at school

- Learning ability to be able to access our curriculum

- Sufficient level of English to be able to access our curriculum or benefit from our intensive English course

We accept students who have English as an Additional Language if we believe the students have sufficient English to access the school curriculum and support is provided at home.

We accept students who are New to English up to Early Childhood 3 if we believe they have the capacity to learn quickly through immersion in normal class activities in the early years. Parents of children in Grade 1-5 must be willing to support the learning of their child by payment for intensive English lessons and with general support at home. All students from Grade 6 onwards are required to have sufficient level of English to access the school curriculum.

As we value strong communication links between home and school, we also consider the ability of parent/carer to communicate in English with school.