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Application Process

Any student who is interested in attending school at OWIS must follow the steps of the application process and complete each portion of the application form in order for their admission to be considered. At OWIS, we are committed to making sure that our application process is as straightforward and simple as possible, which helps streamline our admissions process.

The school year at OWIS begins in August and concludes in July. However, prospective students can apply for admission at any point during the school year. Admission into the school is dependent on the student's overall application as well as the availability within their particular grade level.

As a welcoming and inclusive school that prides itself on its multicultural community, anyone is welcome at OWIS. Interested parents and prospective students are invited to schedule a campus tour and learn more about the OWIS application process.

Documents Required

  • Student photograph
  • Front and Back of the visa that the student is using in Singapore
  • First two pages of the student's passport
  • School reports for the last two years if the student has previously been in school
  • Certified translations of any legal documents that were not originally issued in English
  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Copies of any relevant medical records/details for students with medical conditions
  • First two pages of the Father's passport
  • First two pages of the Mother's passport
  • Front and Back of the visa that the father is using in Singapore
  • Front and Back of the visa that the mother is using in Singapore
application process

Age Criteria


Age Criteria