Apply to One World International School

One World International School is a non-denominational, multi-cultural school catering for families looking for an international education. We aim to provide the benefits a smaller school can bring to each individual student, whilst doing great things as a community.

Application Process

All of life’s adventures begin with a single first step, and we encourage you to take yours by completing the admission form. You are also encouraged to meet our Admissions team who will help in organising a campus tour while learning more about our school, curricula and extracurricular activities

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Entry Requirements

Admissions at OWIS are open throughout the year. After completing the admissions form and the application fee, you are requested for an assessment upon document verification. Once these steps are completed, the school generates the student contract for the child.

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Online Registration

You can fill the online registration form by clicking on the below link. You are requested to fill the online registration form to complete your admission.