OWIS Music Programme

At OWIS, we believe that music plays an integral role in education, and we strive to incorporate music theory and music appreciation into every aspect of our curriculum. At every level, our students have an opportunity to study music and discover the powerful role that it plays in their daily lives.

The OWIS Music Programme includes a variety of elements:

Music Appreciation

Music appreciation is an essential component of our music programme. Students at all grade levels are introduced to a variety of songwriters, composers and artists. They explore different genres of music and learn about the cultural role that music has played in societies around the globe. Throughout their studies, students discover how classical composers influence today's modern musicians. They also learn about the various elements of composition, including tone, pitch, rhythm and more. Not only do they learn to appreciate a variety of styles of music, but they also discover how wonderful music is created.

Skills-based Practice

As with every aspect of our curriculum, the OWIS Music Programme focuses on hands-on learning and skills-based development. In our music programme, we provide students with the opportunity to learn to play different instruments. This hands-on instruction allows them to discover the differences between the instruments, and to learn about which instrument may be the right choice for them. Many of our students compose their own music while studying at OWIS.

Creative Thinking

Our innovative music curriculum encourages students to think independently and creatively. They are allowed to explore different instruments and consequently write their own music. The creative skills that they develop while studying music at OWIS overlap into other areas of study, allowing them to succeed in different subject areas as well.

Student Vocal Studies

The comprehensive music programme at OWIS extends beyond music appreciation and instrument lessons. It also focuses on vocal studies, which is important for many students who enjoy singing and who want to perform.

Vocal studies allow students to understand their tone and pitch while singing, and gives them constructive feedback that they can use to improve their vocal performance. OWIS students who are passionate about vocal performance can focus on vocal studies in the music programme. Like those studying instruments, they receive hands-on learning opportunities and personalised instruction. Students are able to practice their vocal performance skills and they are given opportunities to perform for the community throughout the year. Our vocal studies programme focuses on helping students become more confident and self-assured as they develop their own voice.

Music History in School Curriculum

In addition to introducing students to a variety of music genres and giving them opportunities to learn to play various instruments, the OWIS Music Programme also focuses on music history. Our music history lessons blend the music of the past with the genres of today. Students learn about composers from all over the world and from various time periods. After studying those composers, they are then able to make connections from the past to today's modern music.

The music history curriculum is designed to allow students to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the subject area, which will allow them to speak eloquently and intelligently about the world's best musical composers. Students who can speak confidently about music and a wide variety of other subject matters will be uniquely situated to succeed in a global economy.

Our secondary students have the option to choose Music IGCSE and further their Music studies within the IBDP group 6 options with either higher or standard level Theatre or Music.

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