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Michelle DickinsonIf you are in Singapore, we welcome you to contact us for a personal tour of our school, and experience first - hand the enthusiasm and involvement of our students in learning, and the dedication of our teaching team.


School days are some of the most important days in one’s life- shaping the sort of people we are, and providing the backdrop for lifelong learning. At OWIS we aim to offer a rich, enjoyable and lasting educational experience for students of all nationalities from 3-16 years old.

In today’s rapidly changing and challenging world we believe it to be the school’s primary task to foster in its community a life-long love of learning and a sense of responsible global and digital citizenship. Our educational programmes are designed to develop the understanding, skills and attitudes that support this. We believe that as we move through the processes of inquiry, collaboration, problem solving and reflection, we develop an understanding of ourselves, of other people and of our world.

The challenges that young people face today sums up to being ready for an unknown future with jobs that are so rapidly changing. Knowledge-based curricula which is easier in a way for children to grasp and for schools to teach is becoming a thing of the past. 

Here at OWIS, we are committed to concept-driven curriculum and concept-driven learning with deep understanding and transferable skills. Our students are exposed to new and diverse technology to support and enhance their learning. 

We focus on nurturing every child, understanding their personality, likes and dislikes - what makes them tick, their interest, their passion, their personality - it’s about getting the full sense of who they really are. Being in tune and recognising cultural background and heritage, understanding where they are in their language acquisition and making not just the curriculum but also the relationship with every child accessible. The relationship that teachers build is integral to that progress - to excel academically and holistically.

Last but not the least, we provide ongoing opportunities to develop creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking through our way of teaching.

We look forward to meeting you!

Michelle Dickinson,
Head of School - One World International School



Michelle has a BA (Hons) in History and South Asian Studies from North London University and PGCE from Middlesex University.  She began teaching across all three primary key stages.  Michelle began her school leadership career in 2002, when she became the Deputy Head Teacher of a large primary school in North London and spent four wonderful years there before relocating to India in 2005.

Her first international position was the Head of Primary of a local/international school in Bangalore in Southern India, where she introduced the Cambridge International Primary Programme and Checkpoint.  Michelle then spent 6 years in China and the last 3 years in Ethiopia developing curriculum and assessment practices.

Michelle believes that children learn best when they are having fun and are engaged in practical, real life activities.  While she recognises that outstanding academic achievement is the ultimate goal, she feels it is just as important to build self-esteem, instill character and encourage a global outlook in every child.  Michelle beiieves that learning transcends the classroom environment and is passionate about educational visits and extra-curricular experiences.

Michelle is married with four children - Ana aged 10, Hindya aged 8, Bille who is 7 and Markos who is 3.  The Dickinson family have a sense of adventure and love of life.  They particularly enjoy the outdoors, family holidays, making friends, good weather, camping and exploring and are delighted to be at OWIS.


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