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What Our Families Are Saying



All our 5 children are now attending OWIS Nanyang since January 2018. They have a mix of interests in the Arts (music and arts) and sports (soccer, badminton and basketball). They're also enjoying Maths, Geography and Mandarin. Most mornings, they're so keen to go to the school that they request that we leave home early!" After nearly five months at OWIS, all the children have bonded. If you get chance to visit at the school you will see harmony. Kids being kids (smiling, laughing) really enjoying being educated.

I would recommend the school to other families who are looking for innovative teaching methods and the use of technology, integrating children with the gadget-driven world of today. The school also offers the IB PYP (Primary Years Programme) that focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the outside world. We believe that we are getting great feedback on our children from the school through "seesaw" and regular emails from the head of school (Principal). 

Photo Credit: Expat Living

Gupta Family


Our 3 kids in the aged group of 5-9 are attending primary school at the One World International School, Nanyang campus. Being in Singapore, which is so multi-racial and multi-cultural, we wanted our children to be exposed to an environment with racial diversity with an international outlook. Apart from that, the teacher-student ratio was a prominent factor we took into consideration. OWIS has lived up to all our expectations!

All my children are thrilled to go to school. My 4th grader has been particularly enjoying being exposed to playing drums in their music class. My 2nd grader enjoys reading the books she brings home from school. The selection of books is very apt according to their reading abilities and their interest. My youngest, in EC3, has suddenly taken to drawing and I find that interesting. He also enjoys singing the new English and Mandarin songs and rhymes he learns at school.

Photo Credit: Honeykids Asia

Yuto Family


We have two boys. Taiju is 9 years old attending Grade 4 and Keiju is 6 years old attending Grade 1. They are both super energetic and are both in love with Tennis. Their favorite subjects are PE and Math.


They both enjoy interacting a lot with their teachers & friends. Both in and out of classes. The program of the school gives tons of experience for the kids to interact with each other rather than sitting & listening to their teachers' lectures.

Taiju comes back from school everyday saying, "School was super fun again today!"

PILAT Family


We relocated to Singapore on January 2018 and we have 2 children, Alais, 4 years old and Jadzia, 7 years old.


We were looking for a school where it allows the kids to think outside the box, be creative and not only be good academically. We also considered the cost and the commute to school, we wanted a school close to where we live.


We chose OWIS for its reputation & review and also for the attractive affordable fees. And we really like the IB-PYP curriculum offered and the fact that the school encourages creativity in students. My daughter's feedback from the first day was extremely positive, "My teacher is nice and great!"