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The Mission

One World International School aims to develop inquiring, compassionate, reflective lifelong learners who respect all cultures and care for our world. We believe every child should have equitable access to best-in-class future-proofed education.

We believe that every child should have access to a world-class education. Our mission is to deliver quality education regardless of background, economics or culture.

We believe our future leaders need to be culturally sensitive. They need to be socially- and civically-minded citizens. We emphasise the importance of student involvement with charitable causes and we encourage them to interact and connect with others through service. The measure of a good education is character development. Lessons learned beyond the classroom develop character.

Collaboration is important to promote social skills, creativity and higher-order thinking. It is an essential part of our teaching method, it develops a sense of responsibility. And it teaches students to build critical relationships.

Our mission is to:

Foster Curiosity

We want to excite students with learning. We want them to take their knowledge and actively participate in the community and the world.

Encourage lifelong learning

We aim to develop an enthusiasm for learning. We instil the value of lifelong learning beyond the classroom years.

Build relationships

We foster the idea of connectedness. Relationships bind us together as a community and as collaborators. Positive relationships promote equal representation for all.

Provide equality in education

We offer a world-class education. Quality education should not depend upon one's background, culture or economic opportunity.

Build One World

We want to create a united world. A world of higher-order thinkers. A people of care and appreciation who are open-minded, principled and humble.

Our team of passionate professionals are highly qualified and certified.

At OWIS, we are proud to offer your student a world-class education. Our programme will prepare your child for university and the world beyond.

Vision and Values

Our Vision

We aspire to be leaders in providing world-class quality and affordable education to all students with an emphasis on values, collaboration, creativity and service to others.

OWIS aims to be a lifelong learning partner. Our learning centre provides age-targeted programmes for children aged 3 to 18. We strive to provide a safe and supportive, children-first environment.

Our innovative and interdisciplinary approach to learning inspires independent inquiry and exploration. The self-directed study allows them to pursue personal interests. In turn, they can apply their knowledge to real-world situations. This helps build self-esteem and encourages our students to find their voice.

Our aim is to provide a kind and caring learning environment. We want to foster a curious thirst for knowledge. Our programme of self-directed, concept-driven study advances well-rounded, creative thinkers. Collaboration-based learning prepares students to work with peers from different backgrounds. Our innovative programme prepares your children for university and beyond.

Our lessons are carefully and lovingly curated by passionate staff, and our programmes are based on pillars of excellence, meritocracy and core-values.

Our School Values:

The IB Learner Profile is the centre of our learning community along with the OWIS One World, One Community model promoting kindness and compassion​.
Our school is an internationally minded community of learners with responsibilities as global citizens​.
All individual members of our community are valued and have a right to be heard.
We encourage respect and open communication from everyone within our community.
We allow students to develop in a safe and caring learning environment.
We encourage collaboration and cooperation within our community in an inquiring and reflective environment.
We strive for personal growth and academic excellence for all members of our community.

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