About OWIS

One World International School is a non-denominational school that welcomes students of all cultures, ethnicities and religion.

Our school allows students to learn in an intimate and engaging setting, where they can focus on discussion, cooperation and teamwork in a caring and nurturing environment. By striking a balance between personalising the educational experience and building a community of interconnected learners, we prepare students to become the next leaders of our global economy.

Our mission is to help students become the best version of themselves by providing them with a rigorous curriculum that can be customised to meet their own unique history and experiences. Our curriculum encourages students to think critically about their learning, to discuss their findings with their instructors and classmates and to collaborate in order to create solutions and complete projects.

Our unique approach to the educational journey results in well-rounded students who are not only successful academically, but who have also developed a strength of character that will allow them to succeed on a personal level.

Students working together in class

One of the first things you will learn about OWIS is that we are passionate about providing every child with an exceptional education, beginning in their early childhood and extending until they complete secondary school.

We can help your child by:

Offering them a classroom environment where they are surrounded by dedicated professionals who are nurturing, compassionate and experienced.
Encouraging them to challenge themselves and continue to work toward their goals by providing them with a best in class curriculum.
Teaching them to socialise with their peers and allowing them to learn to be respectful and empathetic of people of all backgrounds.
Allowing them to explore their interests through a variety of extra-curricular programmes.

Our non-denominational, multi-cultural environment is ideal for students with expatriate families who have chosen to make Singapore their long term home as well as those who are new to Singapore.

The consistent curriculum allows students who have transferred from other international schools to adjust to their new surroundings and meet new friends quickly.

The OWIS Story

OWIS is proud to be part of the Global School Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing high-quality, affordable education to students in global communities around the world.

At OWIS, the administrators and educators work together to make sure that each individual student is inspired to become a lifelong learner. We do not want our children simply memorising facts and reiterating information to us. Rather, we teach them to think critically about the problems they are presented with and to encourage discussion in our classrooms. We focus on hands-on learning opportunities that allow our students to develop the 21st-century skills they will need to succeed in the competitive global economy of today.

Recognising that our students hail from countries across the world and that a variety of cultures are represented within our student body, we have also created a team of equally diverse educators. Our teachers have been recruited from around the world, including countries like Malaysia, Australia and the United Kingdom. Our dynamic team is passionate about education, and they work together to make sure that every OWIS student has the resources they need in order to be successful.

OWIS student playing outside

The OWIS story began years ago, but it continues to grow and develop today.

We invite you and your family to become part of our next chapter, and we look forward to showing you what the OWIS experience is all about. We know that when you learn more about OWIS, you will find that it's the best place for your child.

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