One World International School

Why Choose OWIS?

We are learning partners to children aged 3 to 18.

Our goal is to develop inquiring, compassionate, reflective lifelong learners who respect all cultures and care for our world. We believe every child should have equitable access to best-in-class future-proofed education.

OWIS in Singapore is a school where your child is

Treated with respect and kindness.
Encouraged to be an inquisitive explorer, learn new concepts and apply their understanding to the world around them.
Part of a diverse community where world views are encouraged and differences are embraced.
Trained to develop a deep sense of self-worth and proceed through life with confidence.
Nurtured in a safe place so they can grow into resilient, well-rounded and compassionate people.

How we do it

A child-first, friendly and engaging learning place.

Our student-centred learning approach values every child as an individual.

A nondenominational, multicultural school.

Our school’s rich diversity provides a globally-minded perspective and cultivates inclusion.

A kindness-driven educational programme.

Everyone and everything associated with our school promotes compassion, acceptance, humility and self-esteem.

Remarkable Global Student Community

At OWIS, we believe every child is unique and should have access to a high-quality education. As such, our learning cycles are tailored to promote the strengths of our students.

Learning Environment

Technology and collaboration are the paths to the future.

Latop, Tablets and other latest technology
We offer the latest technology and tools to aid the learning process.
Student interacting
By collaborating with their teachers and each other, our students develop communication, logical thinking and reasoning skills.
OWIS Campus
Our academic, athletics and performing arts programmes have dedicated spaces for a safe and nurturing learning experience.

Learning extends beyond the classroom walls.

We partner with local community service programmes. Through volunteering opportunities, students find meaningful purpose and build self-esteem.


The power and influence of passionate educators.

Friendly teacher

OWIS recruits educators from around the world. They bring diverse histories and experiences that provide richness and depth to the classroom.

Science Teacher

All our educators have degrees and certifications from recognised higher-education institutions.

Music Teacher

Our instructors are also passionate about what they do. They inspire and uphold the values we strive to instil in our students.


Diversity is important for a well-rounded world view.

At OWIS, our remarkable community will teach your child to appreciate other perspectives and use them to gain knowledge and creatively solve problems.

Ultimately, they will see themselves as part of a global community. And they will understand that they are responsible for each other’s welfare as they become stewards of the planet.

International Education
We have students from over 70 nationalities. To guarantee a varied cultural experience, we cap enrollment of any nationality at 30 per cent.

Hear from OWIS Parents


I like that my child has a chance to play outside everyday and is exposed to a variety of subjects including art and music.

Madison C.

Mother of Eloise

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Education certificate
Education is the foundation for your child’s future. Our families benefit from a high-quality education at a mindful investment.

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