Our 2 eldest sons, Maël and Camille joined OWIS 2,5 years ago. Besides the warm greeting, what we liked during our first visit was that Mr. Polson, the head of school, was welcoming the students, parents and carers alike upon arriving. Jasween, Communications and Admissions Director, did not only ask the name of our children but also what were their interests.

One World is a small International School revolving around its own little community and you can feel that when the teachers know all the children by name, whether they be in their class or not. Ms. Reema (EC) and Ms. Mc Alpine (Prep) have been fantastic with our youngest boys. They both realised that Noé had a different way of learning from Oscar and the rest of the class, they adapted their approach to him which has done wonders. The teachers challenge the students to regularly review what they have learnt and achieved. They also give extra support depending if any student needs it. Pan Laoshi has seen that Camille has the capabilities to take YCT level 3 and has created a plan alongside him so that whilst she is supporting, he is the one who is pushing himself to pass the test in May.

Maël and Camille had their confidence boosted by taking part in the yearly production (Primary), exhibition (Grade 5) and other opportunities when the students get to speak or perform in front of an assembly. Of course like any other international school, One World celebrates the diversity of cultures and festivals throughout the year. The school offers a variety of after school clubs for all students, some are run by teachers and are free.

Besides the high level of professionalism and teaching, what ticks the boxes at One World for us as parents, is that our children are happy to go to school, they are eager to learn new things and cannot wait to share with us their new knowledge when they get home.

Bea Stirrup

We chose One World because of the personal touch that we both we and our child feels while she's at school. There's a strong focus on a genuinely caring community. We can see this in the staff members and the values that they hold dear in their own families and it's so good to see that reflected throughout the school.

We also really value the inquiry based curriculum and that the teachers keep lessons interesting and thought provoking. There is a genuine interest in each child's progress along with a strong effort to keep the parents up to date with everything that's happening in the school. Overall, we always feel welcomed and valued here.

Faye Thomson

Being in One World International School has provided such a positive experience for my son and our family. As an expat child, it is unfortunately easy to feel like you don't belong. This is not the case with OWIS. The OWIS family embraced us with open arms and my son immediately felt included. I remember the first thing my son told me when he started with OWIS. He said, "I feel like I have been going to this school for a long time! I love it here!" He is excited to go to school every day ever since!

Besides my son's positive experience in the classroom, the school also provides a good variety of co-curricular activities during lunch time and after school. They even provide free Mandarin lessons to parents, which is a real plus! The school assembly and weekly blogs from the Head of School and the lead teacher keep parents well-informed of what's happening in the school and in the classroom. We look forward to many years with OWIS!

Sophie K

Moving to Singapore, my husband and I were looking for a school where we can assure that our daughter will be learning happily in the new environment.

Chanya was 6 years old when she enrolled grade 1 during the academic year in October 2016. She was previously in a Thai school and we realized that her language ability could obstruct her school daily life. As a new student, both to the school and in language communication, I was so worried about her. But not very long after starting at the One World International School, my daughter has settled down very well after the first few weeks. The English as an Additional Language program (EAL) offering one-on-one has helped her to catch up quickly with her social life and normal classes.

It is obvious that she has gained more confidence in studying as the curriculum is focused on an individual level. By understanding the diversity of nationalities, teachers also support each nation’s values throughout school work and this made my daughter very proud of herself. Teachers are very closed to the students as the class size are small. Parents and teachers as well as staffs of the school are connected via many channels of communication available; email, application, community website, etc. All school staffs are very responsive to all comments and suggestions or any concern. We have been very delighted being a part of the “One World” community.

Mrs.On-usah Chiengkul

Mother of Chanya Chiengkul (Grade 1A)

Our daughters (aged 5 and 7) have been enrolled at OWIS for 10 months, having moved to Singapore from Japan. Both our girls are very fond of their teachers and are always keen to go to school each day. We have seen significant improvements from their time with the school, especially in terms of reading and writing. Further, we have noted that the teachers take time to get to know each student at an individual level; putting significant effort into building the children’s social skills, and encouraging them to solve problems on their own.

Just as important as the academics, OWIS is a truly “international” school, and our daughters have learned a lot through interacting with children from other backgrounds and cultures. We have seen this interest brought back into the family home, with them exploring different countries in their world atlas, and showing an interest in national dresses and dance. We are very happy that we chose OWIS, and I am confident that we will remain with the school for the duration of our stay here in Singapore.

Edward and Asuka Clease

First and foremost we have been delighted with our choice of school for our 6 year old son. One World International came recommended to us by parents of children who were already at the school.

The first thing we looked for would be that he would enjoy being at school, somewhere he would enjoy being whilst he was learning. It is important to us that he enjoys learning and to feel like he is part of something, not just a name in a classroom. After the school visit and looking at the classrooms, we knew that this was definitely the case at OWIS.

The second thing we looked for was a school which had a teaching ethos, of skill in finding answers rather than knowing answers. A school where how well our child would grow in confidence and ability whilst throughly enjoying his day.

We then wanted to ensure that the school was the right size to allow all the children to recognise each other and know all the Teachers.

And lastly we wanted to ensure that we did not feel that we were just another dollar sign to a faceless corporation.

We have been very happy with our choice of OWIS, Our experience has been that all the teachers are incredibly approachable and take real care and thought into the needs of the children. There is always an initiative going on that captures the minds of all the age groups and enables them all to participate as one community.

In pre school our son was very quiet and would not answer questions in a group environment. After one term at One World he won an award for being an Inquirer - for always sharing his questions and ideas with the class. His confidence levels are in a great place and we are looking forward to many more years of seeing him develop even further within this school that creates such a wonderful environment for him.

David Murphy