Secondary School

At OWIS our students come first. They are the centre of everything we do and our purpose is to develop them into young adults ready to make the next step in their lives. We aim to provide them with the skills, confidence, attributes and qualifications to become high achieving, internationally minded, well-rounded individuals.

As a growing International School we have been able to retain the elements that have made us a unique, exciting and stimulating place to learn and work. We are determined to maintain the ethos as the school grows, ensure the students achieve at the highest levels and continue to offer the highest quality of learning experiences, enrichment activities and pastoral support.

Whilst continuing with an inquiry approach to learning, our students follow the UK National Curriculum accredited by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), adapted for One World International School. Subjects studied include English, Mathematics, Science, Mandarin, Humanities, Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama, Information Literacy and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). We offer a 1:1 MacBook programme in Secondary School to support and facilitate learning. As a result of the one student, one computer program we believe that students will:

  • Improve academic achievement.
  • Use the Internet and computer media to communicate and work together.
  • Use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, and solve problems.
  • Understand and practise legal and ethical behaviour related to technology.

In the Secondary School we have a number of weekly clubs and activities, which encourage students to either try a new activity/interest or enhance existing skills the students already have. These clubs include a variety of sporting and curriculum based activities with participation encouraged by awarding certificates and merits. Merits are also given for good work, good behaviour etc. and are part of the student centred rewards policy of the school. Pastoral care is an important part of the school and at OWIS we make sure that every student is seen as an individual and not merely a number.

Students are placed into Houses with House Captains being elected from our secondary students. We encourage student participation in other school initiatives such as the Student Council which supports the school in improving the school. Giving students a role with the running of the school or positions of authority is important as this gives the students a sense of ownership of their own learning.

All our students participate in a number of activities throughout the year and these have included playing parts in school performances, painting backdrops for these performance, whole school art projects like a graffiti workshop, food centred projects where students learn how to cook and prepare certain foods and much, much more. This participation is expected within the school and it grows understanding and tolerance of others within the school.

Our students also experience several school-organised trips around Singapore throughout the school year to enhance the school curriculum. These have included trips to the zoo, museums, Sentosa and many exhibitions. Students also have the opportunity to go on an extended residential trip outside of Singapore. These have been either three or four night trips which focus on a outward bound theme, where students experience a variety of activities including: high rope, rock climbing, trekking, swimming, snorkelling and much, much more.

All these experiences provide our students a well-rounded experience with participation in all school projects and activities strongly encouraged. This gives our students confidence and security in that their growth and learning is within a caring and nurturing atmosphere where everyone is working to create a true learning community.

Grades 6-8 Grades 9-10 IGCSE