PYP Primary Years

Our primary school is a welcoming and dynamic place of learning for students aged 5-11 years. Our playground and auditorium are the centre of our school community, where students, parents and teachers gather at the beginning of each school day as part of our on-going partnership.

Our learning activities begin at 8:30 and continue through til 2:50. During this time, our students are offered a diverse range of learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Our students can often be seen dramatising an historical concept, deepening their understanding of new mathematical learning in real-life situations or enjoying a guided reading session around our campus.

Our primary students have full access to the six curriculum subjects of the IB Primary Years Programme. This is defined by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance with a powerful emphasis on inquiry-based learning both in the classroom and in the world outside.Our students are offered a well-structured and high quality programme of inquiry that not only makes connections from one unit of inquiry to the next but also ensures continuous progress from grade to grade.

We recognise that some subjects require discrete learning and teaching to ensure the development of age-related skills. Our English and Mathematics curricula are structured pathways to the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding incorporating high expectations of every student’s academic potential. Spellings, phonics and grammar in English and number skills in mathematics are given high priority every day.

With the benefit of our small class sizes and a high teacher-to-student ratio, our students thrive in our primary school. Our students are provided with a safe but challenging environment, encouraging them to be mindful, inquisitive and critical thinkers. In addition, all students benefit from specialist teaching in PE, Art and Music, as well as receiving instruction in Mandarin catered to each student’s language proficiency.Our effective and on-going assessment practice allows our students to reflect upon their own learning journey and ensures continuous progress.

Our primary school is a celebration of learning with weekly reflections, photographs and videos of learning in action on our Seesaw application, regular parent teacher conferences and written reports as well as ongoing assemblies and performances throughout the year.