PYP Early Childhood

At One World International School, we welcome our youngest learners into our Early Childhood environment from the age of 3 years. We recognise the importance of early childhood in laying the foundations for the rest of each child’s life and therefore provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment from 8:30 until 2:50 each day. We welcome both our students and parents into our environment every morning for a self-chosen settling activity. This important time allows our staff and parents daily opportunities to exchange information and share their child’s learning journey.

We follow the IB Primary Years Programme, which engages our EC children in exploration and investigation through fun and engaging play-based learning engagements both freely chosen and adult-initiated. While our young students are encouraged to initiate their own inquiry, we also use the early learning goals and developmental milestones from the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure high standards of learning and to assess their academic, social and personal progress.

Our environment is set up to encourage students to move around clearly defined areas both inside and outside. Our students use a variety of materials and equipment in flexible and imaginative ways to develop their interests and they extend their knowledge through well-chosen, age-appropriate units of inquiry. These units provide meaningful contexts enabling young minds to make deeper connections and explore big ideas relevant to their age.

Our students are provided with hands-on experiences such as using mathematical materials and painting. They work with paper and pencil activities for short periods of time developing handwriting and phonics skills. They listen to stories, enjoy a language rich environment and are frequently encouraged to communicate their thinking. They are encouraged to ask questions, are given daily opportunities to work collaboratively with others and helped to develop their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Our Early Childhood is attentive to the social, physical and cognitive development of our students and we encourage independence and responsibility. By the end of this phase of development, our students are highly engaged learners, ready to take their natural inquiry and curiosity, their independence, self-confidence, sense of responsibility and excellent academic skills to our dynamic Primary School.