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Friday 23rd June

The end of an academic year always comes with happiness and some sadness. The happiness is the thought of a well-deserved rest and holiday after a packed full year of events, activities and of course, learning. The sadness comes, as we have to say goodbye to students and staff who will be moving on to new adventures in August. We say farewell to Mrs MacAlpine, Ms Pearlman, Mrs Rooke and Pan Laoshi. I would like to thank them all for their hard work and efforts in making OWIS the school it is today.

This week we had our All Star Games with the teachers coming through victorious with 2.1 score line. This means the teachers have won the All Star Games for the past three years. Long may the dominance continue!

Today we had our last assembly and the announcement of the House Champions was made. This year the winners are Satumu; well done to them for all their hard work and efforts in gaining so many house points throughout the year. I would like to thank Mr Holland in both his efforts in organising the All Star Games and the House Competitions this year.

Also today we will be having our class parties and I am sure the students will have a great time celebrating their successes and achievements with their class.

As it comes to the last day of the academic year; I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at OWIS for making it such a memorable year. I have put a video montage of the memories of 2016/17 into our Dropbox account so that parents can download this along with the yearbook to help remember all the activities and events we held throughout the year.

For those parents, students and staff leaving, I would like to say farewell and for those who are be returning to OWIS in August, we will be having an open afternoon on Friday 25th July, so that students can meet their teachers and staff for the next academic year.

Finally, I would like to say be safe, be happy and get lots of rest as you will need it because even more things will be happening next year at OWIS. Happy Holidays!



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