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Friday 26th May

Last Friday our Secondary School students participated in the "Race to Sustainability", held at the Gardens By The Bay. In this scavenger hunt style challenge our students did incredible well and in the primary category (10 to 12 years) our students won 1st position amongst 60 other schools in Singapore. In the secondary category (13 to 17 years) we won 3rd position amongst 70 other secondary schools. In both categories we were also awarded medals for being in the top ten teams. We appreciate all the hard work, resilience and enthusiasm our students demonstrated during this event, along with the learning on environmental matters they did as well.

It is with great pride I share with you, this year's ISA results. As you can see from the table below our average from all of our results are better than any other category of school. This is a very satisfying result, as like previous years we have proven that our students are preforming above the average of other students in international schools.

For comparison we have chosen Like Schools to compare OWIS, as this provides the highest possible average to compare ourselves with.


Like Schools

Regional Schools

All Schools

Average score





I would also like to reiterate that we have not excluded anyone from our results and that if a student sat these examinations, their results have been included.

I would also like to share a summary of the Parent Questionnaire undertaken early this year. The score starts at 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) and I have calculated an average from the different sections of the questionnaire.

Section Score The School 3.8 My Child 4.1 The Classroom Teacher 4.2 The Administrative Team 4.0 Other Services 3.4 Whole School Average 3.9



The School


My Child


The Classroom Teacher


The Administrative Team


Other Services


Whole School Average


Please find below our lowest and highest scoring questions:

Lowest scoring

3.4 Other Services - The music tuition programme is of a high standard

3.4 The School - Supports any Learning Support requirements of my child (if applicable)

3.5 The Services - The bus company provides a safe and efficient service

Highest scoring

4.3 My Child - Enjoys coming to school

4.3 The Classroom Teachers - Is helpful and prompt in responding to my questions and concerns

4.4 The Classroom Teachers - Is friendly and open towards parents

4.5 The Classroom Teachers - Is caring towards their students

As with any questionnaire we have had extensive feedback from parents. If you would like a copy of the full parent feedback please email me directly and I will share this with you. I can assure the parents this is a valuable exercise for the school to undertake and we will consider all feedback and determine if it can be implemented into the school in the future. On the whole, I am pleased with our final average, particularly our rating for our teachers, but I also understand there is room for improvement in all areas, which OWIS will continually strive to achieve.

Please be aware you will be receiving your student contract for the academic year 2017/18 shortly and these should be signed and returned to school as soon as possible. Thank you!

Next Friday we intend to hold a non-uniform day in conjunction with our first quiz night. The students will be allowed to come to school in non-uniform, if they make a contribute to our charity fund raising money for "Make a Wish", as you know from the blog last week we only need to raise $800 to reach our target of $5000. I hope this and the quiz night will raise sufficient money to reach this target.



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