Living In Singapore

Whilst Singapore is currently rated as one of the top countries for expatriates to live in the world, relocation is never easy. We have outlined a few tips that should make the transition to a new school easier.

• Talk about your move.
• When you arrive in Singapore allow an adjustment period.
• Involve your child in the decision making process regarding a new school.
• Make an appointment to introduce the school and class teacher to your child before they start school.
• Contact the class link parent for your child’s class and organise a coffee or playdate.
• View your child’s class website for information on the timetable, year planner and newsletter.
• Buy the school uniform early.
• Be early for school during the first week.

To help make life easier for new students, we pair up new children with a class buddy who can help with the class routines.

We want our students to be happy and enthusiastic to come to school and learn.