Application Process

We accept applications throughout the year and to apply please follow the below guidelines.

1. Complete the Application Form and attach the following documents:

  • Two passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Photocopy of the back and front of the visa the student is using in Singapore
  • Photocopy of the first two pages of the student's passport
  • Photocopy of any relevant education certificates
  • School reports for the last two years if the student has previously been at school
  • Certified translations of any legal documents that were not originally issued in English
  • Copies of any relevant medical records/details for students with medical conditions.

2. Return the Student Application Form and Fee to the school by post or email to

3. Your application will be received by the Admissions Director who will decide whether the student is required to attend an interview.

4.The School Principal will decide if a place can be offered in accordance with the admissions policy and availability of places. The Admissions Officer will then provide you with one of the following:

a. Offer of a place confirming date of joining with any conditions of offer.

b. Confirmation of placement on the waitlist.

c. Reasons why an offer of place cannot be made.

5.The School will confirm acceptance of the place in writing and request payment of the registration fees to reserve the place and commence the registration process.

6. Notes:

  • No offers will be made verbally.
  • Acceptance of the application form by the School does not guarantee a school place.
  • Application and Registration fees are not refundable in the event the place offered is not taken up or on subsequent withdrawal.
  • Application fee is payable even if a place is confirmed on the waitlist.

Fees & Charges

Admissions Policy